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About Us


Our Mission

At ELD2GO, we’re driven towards delivering the right tools for today’s truck drivers. With the proliferation of ELD technology and service, our experience has shown us that many of the systems on the market today are difficult to operate and technical support is often hard to come by. As drivers ourselves, we understand the frustration one experiences when waiting on hold for up to hours on end for a support agent to provide assistance. 


With this in mind, we set out to develop a platform that was not only user-friendly, but was also backed by the best technical support possible. With ELD2GO, gone are the days of extended wait times for customer assistance and clunky, difficult to use software.


We know that for drivers if the wheels aren’t turning, money isn’t being made. ELD2GO is here to help you on your journey, wherever the road leads.

Our Purpose

The objective was simple: first, identify the right hardware platform, and second, to put together the right software that was both easy to understand and utilize as well as error free. Lastly, once the hardware and software were in place, the focus was on support. We knew it would be an uphill battle, but we were convinced it could be done.


Our Story

ELD2GO is a company founded by truck drivers with the mission of helping other truck drivers in today’s world of electronic logging devices. 


Over the years, we’ve tested and used firsthand a number of ELD devices, from the rudimentary equipment when the technology was in its infancy, to what are proclaimed to be the top of the line on the market. 


After numerous issues with both the hardware and software, and the constant interruptions of trying to reach support personnel, our founders set out on making a platform designed by drivers for drivers. 


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