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ELD Features

Stay FMCSA compliant with easy to use/edit ELD app for drivers - Android & IOS supported.

Automate HOS

Prevent violations with automatic hours of service calculations & alerts

HOS Compliance

Ensure HOS compliance with powerful electronic logbook management & editing

Safety Inspection Reports

Ensure vehicle safety with easy-to-create/edit electronic driver vehicle inspection reports

Real-Time GPS

Fleet visibility in Real-Time

Intuitive Fleet Manager Dashboard

View Driver Logs, Vehicle Inspections
Prevent hours of service violations, increase safety and reduce DOT audit risk.

FMCSA Approved!

Avoid costly violations by passing DOT inspections with FMCSA-registered ELD

IFTA Mileage

Automate IFTA state mileage calculations, reduce human errors.

Access Permissions

Manage permissions for fleet managers, compliance officers, drivers, accountants and brokers.

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